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Made to further solidify scenes from the “Children of the Algorithm” (2022) short documentary, "From Home" is a photo book series made up of 40 portraits taken in the respective room of each individual, all taken in the Spring of 2023. In my first few years of taking photographs, I made images to cherish the significance of ordinary life moments while coming of age. I found a way to create meaning in my interpretation of the surrounding world. I hope that these pictures of my dearest friends in our college rooms can preserve these memories and how they have shaped my life. 

"From Home, Children of the Algorithm" is a multi-part documentary project highlighting the older Gen Z perspective on today's issues (i.e. the internet networks and the information age, the attention economy, online and offline culture, aesthetics, religion, art, etc.) This work is a portrait series of young adults (20-22-year-olds) captured in their rooms, which amalgamates to reveal how this generation expresses their thoughts and feelings about coming of age in this unique moment in time.